Tuesday, March 20, 2012

farewell lunch party...

Assalammualaikum and greetings to all..

As we all know, recently three of our fellow friends ( Pn. Sarah Bt Mahamud, Cik Siti Fartimah Bt Mohamed Yusop and cik Norhaslinda Bt Abdul Karim) had been transferred to Information Technology and Computer Department (JTMK). A nice lunch and farewell party had been organized by our department's club to show our appreciation towards our beloved friends for their hard work and contributions throughout the years they've been with us here in JMSK. We also invited Cik Nazurah our friends from UIDM who also been transferred to JTMK.

Every Beginning Has an End, But Every End is the Start of a New Beginning. To kak sarah, linda and far, may your new beginning at JTMK go smoothly and may it be something positive that can help you for your career advancement. we all wish you the best on your career and life. Your service here at JMSK may end but our friendship will never be. JMSK will always welcome you here. Come and visit always.

Here are some of the pictures during the event. Let's cherish the moments. v(^^,)

Slide show during the event.
kudos to mr. fairul..=)

Pictures during the event
Credit to En Ku.

Thank you for your time..
May peace be upon you....

with love,

p/s: more picture can be accessed from infokiosk..

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